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Historical events that have endangered Western Civilization 

The month of September has a trail of historical events that have endangered Western Civilization. Two events are significant in establishing terrorism as a weapon:

September 1970 - "Black September" – the Palestinian uprising and all out revolution against the government of Jordan. The result was the murder of thousands of Palestinians, the expulsion of thousands more from Jordan, and the founding of the Black September Organization ultimately responsible for numerous acts of terror. The Black September Organization became a Palestinian Movement and carried out the Munich Olympics Massacre in September 1972 of 11 Israeli athletes, shocking the world and setting the stage for a legacy of terror.
September 2001 – Terrorism was brought home to the US with the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and United Airlines flight 93. It appears that the Obama administration wants to erase these indelible images, by changing the focus from honoring the victims of September 11 to instituting a so-called “National Day of Service.” This would replace any reminder that terrorism is alive and well in the radical Islamic world.

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