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IDF Soldiers Embrace ‘Love of Country and Service’ 
Rebel Media 

Two Canadian journalists who visited an IDF base were impressed by the patriotism and sense of purpose among the young men and women serving in the IDF.

After visiting an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) base in the Jordan Valley last week, two Canadian reporters concluded that there is so much the West could learn from the young Israelis serving their country.

The journalists were immediately impressed by the fact that the entire area of the Jordan Valley, where they were standing, was being protected by millenials.

The soldiers they interviewed throughout the day, mostly women, were officers, paramedics and other high-ranking individuals with profound responsibility.

The Canadians were particularly inspired by the female soldiers, who seemed unencumbered by issues such as gender equality and identity, instead focusing on their important commitments.

They all have a job to do and a purpose.

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