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US First-Responders in Israel to Learn Life-Saving Methods  JNS - Josh Hasten 
Good News Israel! $6.3 Million for New US-Israel Projects; El Al Trains US Pilots, and More  PRNewswire 
US Army inks $193 million deal to buy Israeli tank defense system  UCI 
Australia stops direct aid to Palestinians, fearing it funds violence  AP 
Rare Jewish Revolt Coin Found Depicting Rebels’ Prayers Against Defeat by Romans  World Israel News Staff 
IDF rescues injured Syrian orphans, provides humanitarian aid  World Israel News 
Arab nations urge Israel to prevent Turkish encroachment in Jerusalem  World Israel News 
What Prince William Did Not See and Hear in Ramallah  The Gatestone Institute - Bassam Tawil 
Congress Advances Bill Fighting Anti-Israel Boycot  The Tower 
How the IDF Remains the World’s Most Moral Army  OfficialCUFI 
Spanish High Court Rules Anti-Israel Boycotts by City Councils ‘Unconstitutional'  United with Israel Staff 
Good News Israel! Free Dental Care  DVIdentalclinic 
Israel Lauds Unprecedented UN Resolution Condemning Terrorists’ Use of Human Shields  United with Israel Staff 
Israel Sends 50 Tons of Aid to Syrian Refugees Fleeing Assad  Arutz Sheva TV 
At Putin summit, Trump to give Israel ‘green light’ to attack Iran in Syria  World Israel News - Batya Jerenberg 
Israel said to fortify nuclear reactors against missile strikes  World Israel News 
Doubling of advanced math students ‘saved Israel,’ Bennett says  Arutz Sheva TV 
IDF transferred terrorist to hospital while still armed with grenades  World Israel News Staff 
Report: Trump will Not Demand Israeli Concessions to Talk Peace  United with Israel Staff 
How Prince William’s Great-Grandmother Saved Jews from the Nazis   
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